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Below is more information about my publications. To learn more about my work as an editor, visit The Citron Review and check out our anthology, Citron 10: Celebrating 10 Years of the Short Form.




Mojave in July, Tolsun Books

Poetry | 73 Pages


Plutonium and Platinum Blonde, Serving House Books

Poetry | 36 Pages



Lady Luck at The Neon Museum, Sandstone & Silver: An Anthology of Nevada Poets


Mojave in July, Chorus Girl, Lap Dance, Catullus #7 as her answer from Valley of Fire, Many Times I have Lost/Found Myself in Water, Clark: Poetry from Clark County Nevada



The Water Bearer, The Night Heron Barks

Fall 2020

Spring Turns to Fall (within The Process of Progress)Humanities Heart to Heart October 2020

A Nevada Collaborative Poem, curated by Heather Lang-Cassera

October 1, 2020

Lap Dance, Desert Companion

November 2019

Drinks, Then DinnerTriptych, The Ekphrastic Review

July 13, 2019

Mojave in July, Double Down (Nevada Humanities' blog)

July 2019

Catullus #50 Meets Godard's Contempt, The Best American Poetry blog

August 2017

Catullus #7 as her answer from Valley of Fire, The Best American Poetry blog

June 22, 2017

Late Fall. Early Winter, Xeriscape, Carrington Paints The Break-Up
Red Rock Review

May 2017

Home Means Nevada (Helen Stewart Poetry Award), Helen: A Literary Magazine

May 2017

Lap Dance, Petite Hound Press, Issue 44

November 2016

Tending the Yard, The Literary Review - TLR Share

July 2016

Datura, Helen: A Literary Magazine

Spring 2016

Mojave in July, Catullus #7 as her answer from Valley of Fire, Miss Atomic at Home, 300 Days of Sun, Vol 1, Issue 2

Spring 2015

Chorus Girl, North American Review, Vol. 299, No.3

Summer 2014

Love in the Time of Godzilla, The Citron Review

Winter 2013

Breathless, Now Culture

October 2012

Catullus #50 Meets Godard's Contempt, Vapid Kitten, Issue 5

September 2011

From Highway 89, Sweet: A Literary Confection, Issue 2.3

May 2010

The Smell of Orange Blossoms Everywhere, Writers at Work

February 2010


The Intimacy of Brevity: Praise for the Short Poem, Double Down (Nevada Humanities' blog)

April 1, 2021

The Process of Progress, Humanities Heart to Heart, Nevada Humanities

October 26, 2020

Curator's Notes, Margaret, Are You Grieving: An Exhibition About Grief and the Artist, Nevada Humanities, Las Vegas, Nevada

February 12, 2020.

Review of Art Openings at Blackbird Studios & CAC, Paint this Desert

December 2016

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